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Oradea Municipality, Ciheiului Street, no.35, Bihor County


The ensemble consists of 6 collective dwelling buildings, with a height of P + 7E + 8R + 9R, with commercial spaces and covered parking lots at the ground floor level. The current level accommodates 1, 2 or 3-room apartments, each apartment has a balcony, loggia or terrace (7, 8, 9). In the second phase three buildings will be built. In total, the 3 bodies will include 216 apartments, of which 21 are with 1 room, 129 are with 2 rooms and 66 are with 3 rooms.


Access to the building is done through the staircase, both directly from the outside and from the covered parking lot on the ground floor. Each ladder is equipped with two lifts.

Optionally for purchase, each apartment has a parking space, uncovered or covered, in the parking lot on the ground floor.


Each apartment is equipped with air conditioning, split-type, mounted on the façade. Heating is provided from the city's district heating network.

General structure

The resistance structure is made of monolith reinforced concrete (C30 / 37), poles from 45 × 45 cm up to 60 × 160 cm, beams of 45 × 60 cm, slabs are tile type, slab (25 cm) with beams perimeter (30 × 60 cm / 45 × 60 cm), the floor height is 2.65 m and the foundation is a general reinforced concrete slab.

Facades / Walls and exterior joinery

The exterior enclosures are made of masonry of Porotherm ceramic blocks with 25 cm thick Porotherm vertical varnish, with varum-cement (Baumit-type) plastered inside and externally insulated with thermosystem, made of expanded polystyrene 10 cm, fixed in dowels , support spindle, glass fiber mesh, adhesive and decorative plaster.

Interior walls and ceilings

Interior walls of masonry, ceramic blocks with Durotherm vertical hollows in thickness of 20 cm for delimiting apartments and 11.5 cm respectively for interior partitioning; lime-cement plaster (Baumit type), plaster, white washable paint.

Hydro insulation

Bathrooms - single-component Murexin type Balconies - Murexin bicomponent


The floors in the apartments are of two types: tiled in bathrooms, kitchens and terraces / balconies and laminate flooring in the rest of the rooms. The sales price does not include flooring finishing.


Monolithic reinforced concrete slab, diffusion layer, vapor barrier, expanded polystyrene Austrotherm EPS - A100 (2 layers, mounted offset, base layer 100mm thick and one top with 1% slant, varying thickness between 40 - 150mm), diffusion layer, waterproofing with PVC polymeric membranes (UV resistance), mechanically fixed to joints, and hot-sealed overlays.

Plumbing and sewerage

The horizontal distribution is made through the PE-X pipe, laid in the floor. The bathrooms are equipped with: washbasin + bathtub, toilet, bathtub + bathtub + shower console The cold water supply will be made from the public network. The rainwater is captured and captured by a rainwater system inside the property, and their evacuation, as well as used and used water, is done in the public sewage network of the city. Metering water consumption: individually.


Each ladder house is provided with 2 elevators.

Door entrance doors / interior doors

Entrance door metallic apartment - included in the sale price of the apartments. Cellular interior doors - are not included in the sale price of the apartments.

Heat and air conditioning

Sistemul de incalzire este cu punct termic propriu si contorizare individuala pe apartament.

Electrical installations

The low voltage installation is made of copper conductors FY1.5, respectively, FY2.5 sockets, placed in protective tubes ipey. Efficient electric panel, electric fan bath, intercom unit, electrical equipment (sockets / switches). Illumination of common and external spaces with LED luminaires (green energy - low consumption) Individual apartment counters. Three-phase connection. The construction will be connected to the public electricity system.

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